-CB Dollaway vs. Francis Carmont

Round 1: Dollaway, who has a strong wrestling background, and Carmont, whose been known to take opponents down and lay on them, threw out the playbooks and went for a straight Muay Thai bout – and aside from all their brief moments of posing with their hands in the air, they put on a pretty good show. Dollaway did manage to put Carmont a punch that put him on his butt, so in all probability he took the round.

Round 2: Carmont turns up the heat with body-kicks, and even adds a question-mark kick into the equation, so Dollaway goes into wrestling mode and takes him down. For the rest of the round the American dominates position, with Carmont answering with kimura attempts that go nowhere.

Round 3: Dollaway is visibly exhausted and moving a speed slightly slower than his opponent, but after eating some kicks and punches, he nails the single-leg takedown and resumes handling business with Carmont on the ground. The Frenchman explodes back to his feet with about two and a half minutes left in the round, and Dollaway responds with another single-leg into full mount. The rest of the round sees Dollaway dominating position.

Result: CB Dollaway def. Francis Carmont via Unanimous Decision