Welcome to the first installment of today’s UFC double-header, which brings us to Berlin, Germany for UFC Fight Night Berlin: Munoz vs. Mousasi. In the eponymous main event, Mark Munoz looks to regain some lost momentum by taking out former Strikeforce champ Gegard Mousasi, while in the co-main event, CB Dollaway will do the man-dance with Francis Carmont.

Standby for live results and bout descriptions on this UFC Fight Pass-broadcast event, and don’t forget to keep hitting “refresh”.

Prelim card:

-Ruslan Magomedov vs. Viktor Pesta

Round 1: Magomedov wastes no time firing off kicks, going upstairs with as much vigor as he throws them low. Pesta feeds him a one-two that lets him know he can’t get sloppy, and then they tie up briefly against the cage. Soon the Dagestani fighter makes some space, and he uses the opportunity to wobble his foe with a right hook and a kick, but Pesta recovers, clinches and drops him with a knee. The last two minutes of the opening round are spent with Pesta dropping leather and Magomedov struggling to survive and clear cobwebs.

Round 2: Tentativeness colors the action a bit more, with both men dialing back the wild aggression and replacing it with a more calculated throwing of strikes. As the superior kickboxer, Magomedov scores with kicks off his lead leg, and Pesta returns fire with a successful double-leg takedown halfway through the frame. They’re back upright almost instantly, and time runs out with Magomedov counterpunching and landing kicks.

Round 3: Fully acknowledging that he’s going to lose if the bout is spent only striking, Pesta ratchets up the takedown attempts – and is stuffed every time. Magomedov finds joy with a switch-kick/punch combo, and it’s a wonder Pesta doesn’t go to sleep. He survives, and the round ends with him clearly outpointed.

Result: Ruslan Magomedov def. Viktor Pesta via Unanimous Decision

-Maximo Blanco vs. Andy Ogle

Round 1: The referee says “Go!” and Blanco sprints across the cage, leaps into the air, and plants a kick square in Ogle’s face. Ogle drops, and for the next minute or so, the Brit is struggling to stay alive while the Venezuelan tries to punch him into oblivion. Blanco isn’t successful, and Ogle slows his opponent down by mixing takedowns with boxing. The round ends with Ogle and Blanco duking it out.

Round 2: Blanco begins the round with another jumping technique – this one a knee – and after nailing Ogle with another, the Brit goes into wrestling mode and the two engage in a long, methodical battle for superiority on the ground. At about two and a half minutes in, Ogle secures back-control, and Blanco is stuck there until the last 30 seconds, when he manages to squirm around into Ogle’s guard.

Round 3: The final frame is spent entirely on the feet, and in terms of punches landed and damage done, Blanco does an effective job of making Ogle ugly. Ogle does score a bit – a kick here, a punching sequence there – but at the end of the day, it’s all Blanco.

Result: Maximo Blanco def. Andy Ogle via Unanimous Decision

-Peter Sobotta vs. Pawel Pawlak

Round 1: Sobotta’s got kicks, and he comes out using them to great effect, chipping away at Pawlak’s legs and body. The Polish fighter does his best to answer with punches, but Sobotta’s timing and range keep him at the wrong end of the exchanges, and the horn sounds with Pawlak operating under a point deficit.

Round 2: Pawlak turns up the aggression and comes in winging fists, and Sobotta replies with a level-change and a double-leg takedown. The rest of the round sees Sobotta trying to pass guard while Pawlak keeps elbowing him from the bottom.

Round 3: The final round is almost a carbon copy of the second, although Sobotta’s takedown doesn’t come until a minute and a half have transpired in the frame. Referee Leon Roberts stands them up for inactivity with only 20 seconds left, and Pawlak spends all of them swinging for the fences.

Result: Peter Sobotta def. Pawal Pawlak via Unanimous Decision

-Vaughan Lee vs. Iuri Alcantara

Round 1: Lee comes forward kicking and punching, and Alcantara responds by biting down on his mouthpiece and winging bolos. One such bolo – an overhand left – clips Lee on the top of the head, and when Lee tumbles, the Brazilian snuffs him out with punches on the ground.

Result: Iuri Alcantara def. Vaughan Lee via TKO (Punches) at :25, R1

-Magnus Cedenblad vs. Krysztof Jotko

Round 1: Jotko wades in trying to knock his opponent’s block off, and Cedenblad answers with a clinch against the cage and a concentrated effort to get the fight horizontal. He finally succeeds after about a minute and a half, and Cedenblad goes to work mixing guard passing with ground and pound. Jotko gets back to his feet for about two seconds, but he gets taken right back down, and the round ends with Cedenblad on top.

Round 2: Jotko makes whatever mental adjustments he needs during the break, and is able to stave off the takedown for the first half of the frame, all the while feeding Cedenblad punches. But the superior grappler is once more able to impose his will, and after getting things to the ground, he takes top position. They scramble and Jotko winds up on his foe’s back going for a choke, and in a sudden reversal of fortune, Cedenblad escapes, stands and snags Jotko’s neck in a guillotine. The ten-second warning sounds, but Jotko can take no more, and he taps with only one second left.

Result: Magnus Cedenblad def. Krysztof Jotko via Submission (Guillotine) at 4:59, R2

-Drew Dober vs. Nick Hein

Round 1: German local favorite Hein has got a solid left hand and some judo skills, both of which he employs to great effect – the former immediately opening up a cut over Dober’s right eye, the latter used to toss the American down. Dober manages to get back up after a brief period on the bottom, and he attempts to work his Muay Thai game, but it doesn’t last long, and once more Hein throws him down.

Round 2: With Hein slowing, Dober has a better time getting his striking going, and after an extended period with the German holding tight to his back, Dober is able to find a comfortable spot within the judoka’s half-guard. The round ends with the American on top.

Round 3: The come out banging, and when the cut over Dober’s eye is reopened, he changes tactics by shooting for a takedown. Hein stuffs it, and the ensuing bloodbath, referee Marc Goddard calls for a break for the doctor to come in for a consultation. The doc gives the cut the thumbs up, and the rest of the bout is spent with an ultra-bloody Dober and a pristine Hein punching each other vigorously.

Result: Nick Hein def. Drew Dober via Unanimous Decision

Main Card:

-Niklas Backstrom vs. Tom Niinimaki

Round 1: Given the length of Backstrom’s long, rangy limbs, it’s no surprise when he comes out throwing kicks from way outside – nor is it a surprise when Niinimaki turns it into a grappling match, taking the taller fighter down and then struggling for another takedown against the cage. But after three and a half minutes of working to get his man down, Niinimaki very nearly gets caught in a jumping guillotine. He escapes, but is beaned with a knee to the grill, and is stuck first in a bulldog choke (a la Carlos Newton vs. Pat Miletich) and then a no-hooks rear naked choke, and that’s all she wrote.

Result: Niklas Backstrom def. Tom Niinimaki via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:15, R2

-Luke Barnatt vs. Sean Strickland

Round 1: Sporting undefeated records and a world of confidence in their striking, these guys cautiously stalk each other just out of range, probing for openings with single kicks and punches. This goes on for the duration, and maybe – maybe – they ding each other once or twice. That’s it, though, and the crowd voices their displeasure.

Round 2: Things start off in similar fashion, but Strickland switches things up and goes for a takedown, putting the Brit on the canvas and getting in some ground and pound before Barnatt is able to get back up. They resume their stalking, and with each passing moment Barnett starts to cut the cage off more and more. Eventually, he’s able to feed Strickland a few right hands, and the round seems somewhat even when the horn sounds.

Round 3: The game of inches continues, and Barnatt edges ahead more and more as his punches grow more accurate. Strickland mixes it up by adding a brief leglock-hunt interlude, but the Brit neutralizes all of the attempts, and the bout ends on the feet.

Result: Sean Strickland def. Luke Barnatt via Split Decision

-CB Dollaway vs. Francis Carmont

Round 1: Dollaway, who has a strong wrestling background, and Carmont, whose been known to take opponents down and lay on them, threw out the playbooks and went for a straight Muay Thai bout – and aside from all their brief moments of posing with their hands in the air, they put on a pretty good show. Dollaway did manage to put Carmont a punch that put him on his butt, so in all probability he took the round.

Round 2: Carmont turns up the heat with body-kicks, and even adds a question-mark kick into the equation, so Dollaway goes into wrestling mode and takes him down. For the rest of the round the American dominates position, with Carmont answering with kimura attempts that go nowhere.

Round 3: Dollaway is visibly exhausted and moving a speed slightly slower than his opponent, but after eating some kicks and punches, he nails the single-leg takedown and resumes handling business with Carmont on the ground. The Frenchman explodes back to his feet with about two and a half minutes left in the round, and Dollaway responds with another single-leg into full mount. The rest of the round sees Dollaway dominating position.

Result: CB Dollaway def. Francis Carmont via Unanimous Decision 

-Mark Munoz vs. Gegard Mousasi

Round 1: Mousasi comes out of the gate with a low stance but Munoz is still able to grab a leg, hoist him up and throw him down. The former Strikeforce champ scrambles up instantly, though, and on the next shot Mousasi sprawls and threatens with a front choke. Munoz rolls to his back, and the following sequence has Mousasi winding up on top no matter what the Filipino does. The end comes when Mousasi takes his back, sinks in the choke, and forces Munoz to tap out.

Result: Gegard Mousasi def. Mark Munoz via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:57, R1