Ross Pearson won a season of TUF back in 2009, and we’ve seen him hop back and forth between the “win” column and “loss” column many times – so many times that, other than him being tough as nails, it’s one of the things we can count on out of Pearson. But lately getting those wins has been proving more elusive with each fight. Case in point: His UFC Fight Night 99 co-main event scrap against Steven Ray, a fighter with a 3-0 Octagon record.

As measured as usual, Pearson is all about staying just outside of the range of Ray’s kicks and punches, and he’s constantly chipping away with low-kicks and mixing in his jab where he can. But Round 1 has Ray hoisting him up and dumping to the canvas Matt Hughes-style.

Pearson’s movement serves him well in the second, and he catches one of Ray’s kicks in the third and threatens with a trip. Unfortunately for him, Ray is too well-balanced, and time runs out with them swinging away.

The decision, when tallied, is a split one in favor of Ray, and you have to wonder where Pearson goes from here. He’ll never challenge for the belt, and if he can no longer get wins, his time in the Octagon is drawing to a close.


Results: Steven Ray def. Ross Pearson via Split Decision