Kyoji Horiguchi came into the UFC a couple years ago a seasoned badass out of Shooto, and has since only lost to champ Demetrious Johnson. Ali Bagautinov was a hard-as-nails Russian wrestler who was overmatched when he took on Johnson, but has also since fallen to Joseph Benavidez. UFC Fight Night 99 in Belfast, Ireland put these two together, and it came down to a game of inches.

For Bagautinov, those inches included a flying knee and a takedown in the first round and second round. But those takedowns scored meant little when the Japanese fighter wanted to get back up (and did), and the constant stream of short punches whenever they were close, and the punch that wobbled the Russian in the second, kept Horiguchi on the board.

Horiguchi sealed the deal with a takedown in Round 3, and when the judges tallied up the points, they gave him all three rounds.


Results: Kyoji Horiguchi def. Ali Bagautinov