Teruto Ishihara blossomed into some kind of larger-than-life heartthrob/ladies man/knockout machine in the past year, so putting him against Artem Lobov – Conor McGregor’s sparring partner – seemed like a great chance for the women of Japan to gird their loins and hasten their lust. But shouting “The power of Conor McGregor compels you!” apparently is an actual thing that gives you an edge, and since Lobov shouted it before each round…

Meeting Ishihara’s aggression with walloping punches and nonstop pressure, Lobov immediately begins to snuff out the flames of Ishihara’s effective offense, as evidenced by the crappy takedowns the Japanese fighter would fall back on. Near the end of the first round Lobov wobbles his foe with a punch, and his blending of kicks and right hands means he’s a tough riddle to be solved.

Those leg-kicks and punches only increase in intensity in the second, and Lobov adds a spinning back-kick and an uppercut into the mix. Ishihara nails him with one good, hard punch, but it’s a struggle for him to survive to the bell.

Only in Round 3 does Ishihara come close to smelling the aroma of victory. Coming in the form of a right hand, Ishihara clocks Lobov good, and Lobov goes down, holding on for dear life in the ensuing storm of leather. Lobov regains some lost ground when they’re back on their feet, and when time runs out you can almost hear the collective sigh from the Land of the Rising Sun and their hero falls short.


Results: Artem Lobov def. Teruto Ishihara via Unanimous Decision