UFC Fight Night 96 wasn’t much by way of huge fights between huge stars, but there were certainly some thrilling instances of glorious violence.

The “main event” of the Fight Pass prelims had two veterans going at it in Nate Marquardt and Tamdan McCrory, but while both men have “been there, done that” in terms of what they’ve taken part of in the cage, Marquardt has far and away the better resume. Which, when you take into his account mileage, isn’t always a sure sign of success..,

Lanky, with legs as long as football fields, McCrory tried keeping his opponent at distance with kicks, and when Marquardt tied up and easily took him down, McCory was a constant threat with his rubber guard and triangle-choke setups. Marquardt stayed wary and avoided falling into any traps, but he was “stuck” in top position.

For nearly two full rounds this went on. But, in the final minute of Round 2, a referee standup had Marquardt beaning his opponent with a right hand and then following it up with a high-kick that put McCory’s lights out.


Results: Nate Marquardt def. Tamdan McCrory via KO (Kick) at 2:44, R2