He had a good run in Bellator, and when Will Brooks gave up his Bellator championship crown to give the UFC’s Octagon a try, well, hey, it’s great when athletes try to test themselves. But after grinding out a decision against Ross Pearson in his UFC debut, Brooks ran into some trouble in the form of a pesky Brazilian who failed to make weight and was a total douche to him after they fought.

Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira is a fairly decent Muay Thai specialist with solid-enough grappling chops to give the B-level UFC guys a rough night. And yet somehow that grappling was giving Brooks trouble – in the first round, that meant Oliveira’s grind against the fence kept Brooks from opening up. Sure, Brooks got a couple of brief takedowns himself, but it was if the adversity was keeping him from pulling the trigger.

In Round 2 Brooks finally flexed his muscle, taking mount early, and when Oliveira rose, taking back-mount and threatening with a choke. Though the Brazilian gets a takedown of his own, you can clearly see that the Brooks we saw kick ass in the Bellator cage is still somewhere in there.

Unfortunately, the third round sees more and more of the Brazilian’s efforts to impose his will paying off, and when Oliveira gets on top and starts raining down blows. The ref jumps in – it seems Brooks is injured, hence the stoppage – and Oliveira goes into full “douche mode” to mock the American.


Results: Alex Oliveira def. Will Brooks via TKO (Punches) at 3:30, R3