Going into the heavyweight match-up between Roy Nelson and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, you had an inkling that a painful (to watch, at least) knockout was going to spell doom for the Brazilian, whose a shadow of his old self.

And it did play out like that, albeit with Bigfoot making it competitive and even absorbing more than a few to the chin and face.

But these two men are friends outside of the cage, so when Nelson finally put Silva away at 4:33 of the second round, and referee “Big” John McCarthy failed to jump in quick enough for the American’s liking, it kind of pissed Nelson off.

So he planted a kick on McCarthy’s butt.

What the hell?

Nelson took the mic for his post-fight victory speech and expressed his anger at McCarthy for not stopping it sooner. Obviously, that doesn’t make the fact that Nelson put his hands (or foot) on an official okay, but it is Brazil after all. At best, Nelson might get robbed by the police on his way to the airport.