Renan Barao ruled the roost so dominantly and for so long, that the heights from which he’s fallen and must climb out of are simply jarring. He owned the bantamweight division, defeating all comers soundly, yet whenever TJ Dillashaw steps into the cage with him, it’s a freakin’ rout. And now the Brazilian is struggling, in a weight class above, chasing wins that seem elusive.

Well, he got a win list night over TUF vet Phillipe Nover, but it wasn’t all that impressive.

When he was on, Barao was always a sharp striker, and he was on against Nover… but then again, Nover had his opponent dialed in as well, and twice in the first round the Filipino nurse landed a left that had the Brazilian seeing stars. Barao took over in Round 2, upping the volume and scoring a trip late, and the three takedowns he gets in Round 3 have Barao taking the unanimous decision.

But if you’ll recall, Barao was the man who was smoking the likes of Urijah Faber and Eddie Wineland. Where did he go? And will he ever return?