Gilbert Burns and Michel Prazeres round out the UFC Fight Night 95 prelims, and oh hey, it’s jiu-jitsu against jiu-jitsu black belt.

These two come out throwing heat, with Prazeres’ kicks marking up Burns’ thigh and his cross making Burns freeze in his track. Burns fires back with a punch that causes Prazeres to stumble – the end could come at anytime with the fire being tossed about. More than a few times Prazeres gets a takedown but disengages, beckoning his opponent to stand. This undoubtedly is wreaking havoc on Burns’ timing, as well as scoring points.

Round 2 is more of the same, although Burns ups the counters and mixes in some knees that catch Prazeres and make him honest.

Prazeres comes out for Round 3 and lands a body shot that sucks the life out of Burns. He falls to his back, and Prazeres follows him down to smash him – but for some reason he doesn’t seal the deal when he so clearly can. They’re soon on their feet again. The ensuing striking back-and-forth is way too measured and cautious, and when they go berserk and swing wildly in the final 20 seconds, it’s just annoying – why didn’t they do that before?


Results: Michel Prazeres def. Gilbert Burns via Unanimous Decision