When the UFC first committed to the flyweight division, Jussier Formiga was on the shortlist of dudes who should be fighting for the belt. Things didn’t quite pan out for him in that regard, but he has amassed some wins. Dustin Ortiz should either be a good test or a good win for the hometown crowd to revel in.

Ortiz flits about like a hummingbird and Formiga immediately clinches and throws him down. Given his jiu-jitsu roots, Formiga doesn’t hesitate to start passing the American’s guard. He does, but Ortiz reverses him after a minute or so, and then it’s all about Formiga threatening with all manner of armbar- and sweep attempts. They scramble up in the moment before the horn sounds.

They start off the second round trading a bit, but a flubbed throw by Ortiz has the Brazilian taking top position on the ground. When Formiga takes mount Ortiz tries to roll – enabling Formiga to take his back – and suddenly Ortiz is stuck defending the choke for the entirety of the round.

It takes two minutes for Formiga to secure back-control in Round 3, and once more Ortiz is stuck in a body-triangle fending off chokes. He does, and with 17 seconds left he twists around so he’s the Brazilian’s guard. It matters not. He was controlled by Formiga in a big way.


Results: Jussier Formiga def. Dustin Ortiz via Unanimous Decision