Good evening. Tonight, CagedInsider’s liveblog action centers around UFC Fight Night 95, which takes place in Brazil and features Cris Cyborg murdering someone.

First up on the Fight Pass prelims: Gregor Gillespie versus Glaico Franco. Gillespie is a wrestler-turned-jiu-jitsu guy making his Octagon debut, while Franco won a season of TUF Brasil.

Though both men are lightweights, Franco bears a considerable size advantage, and he uses it to immediately mess up Gillespie’s eye with punches and stuff his takedown attempts. It takes some effort, but Gillespie eventually gets a takedown… only to have Franco pop back up. Gillespie keeps at it, and after executing a duck-under, gets to his opponent’s back and pulls him down. Franco eats some punches, but he manages to scramble up, and Gillespie scores another takedown before the horn.

They open Round 2 trading ones and two, and Gillespie changes levels and nails the takedown. Franco gets back up, they trade some more on the feet, and then there’s more dogged clinchwork, with Gillespie eventually finding the sweet spot in Franco’s balance and throwing him down.

Gillespie immediately ties up once the fourth round commences, and a little over a minute later Franco falls over like a tree. The American methodically works into mount, pounds away, and when Franco rolls near the end of the round, Gillespie takes his back.


Results: Gregor Gillespie def. Glaico Franco via Unanimous Decision