The FOX Sports 1 prelims open with Erick Silva taking on Luan Chagas. Both Brazilians are known to be first-round finishers, although Silva’s been having a rough time with it as of late. We’ll see how this goes.

Uncharacteristically, Silva does not come out like a bullet shot from a gun. Instead, he throws single measured kicks and punches, while a confused Chagas mutters “What the hell is this?” But two minutes in Chagas lands a hard right hook that sends Silva stumbling. He recovers, nails Chagas with a kick to the body, and they open up with their combos a bit more. In the waning seconds of the round Chagas misses with a kick and Silva stuns him with a counter, and the final moments have Silva very nearly knocking him out with ground and pound.

Chagas starts off Round 2 with a takedown that Silva scrambles out of, and Silva is again standing over his opponent trying to drop bombs. After about a minute Chagas stands, lands an uppercut that sends Silva tumbling, and then it’s his turn to bring the pain. With about a minute left Chagas goes for an ill-advised armbar from the mount, and Silva is back on top. The horn sounds with Silva going for the rear naked choke.

Exhaustion hangs heavy in the third, with Chagas going for a wall-and-stall and the ref saying “Nah, kid.” Chagas resorts to lumbering forward trying to land the single bout-ending punch, whereas Silva chips away with his jab and cross. The end comes when Chagas goes for an awful takedown attempt and Silva simply steps over him, takes his back and slips on the choke. Chagas taps out.


Results: Erick Silva def. Luan Chagas via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:57, R3