The “main event” of the Fight Pass prelims has Scotsman Stevie Ray taking on local hero Alan Patrick. Both are aces in the jiu-jitsu department, so expect… I don’t know. Maybe some grappling.

Patrick rushes forward and scores a brief takedown, and when Ray gets back up the Brazilian lifts him up and dumps him down. But Ray is again up in an instant, and the next takedown has him landing in mount. Patrick pushes him off, and the extended arm is the perfect opening for Ray, who threatens with a close armbar. Patrick keeps his wits about him though, and soon he’s escaped, scored another takedown, and is working within his opponent’s guard. What follows is a textbook jiu-jitsu chessmatch, with Patrick trying to pass and Ray utilizing sub attempts to get the guard he lost.

The Brazilian establishes control early in the second via a takedown, and he plays a conservative, methodical top game that has him punishing Ray at times and stalemated at others. A referee standup in the last minute and a half has Ray taking over with a scramble and back-control. Time runs out before the choke can be implemented.

Round 3 opens with Patrick landing a punch and then a takedown, and Ray counters with kneebar attempt. That goes nowhere, and soon Patrick is back to using his methodical top game. Ray has no answer, and time runs out with the Scotsman defending a kimura from the bottom.


Results: Alan Patrick def. Stevie Ray via Unanimous Decision