Roan Carneiro has been fighting longer than Zuffa owned the UFC, so it’s pretty apt to peg the Brazilian as a veteran. Kenny Robertson, meanwhile, is a former college wrestler who’s put together a bunch of wins and a bunch of losses in the Octagon.

Carneiro draws first blood in the form of a takedown, and though Robertson reverses and gets back to his feet, he’s officially on notice: if he lets his guard down, his opponent will take him horizontal. The rest of the first sees Robertson pursuing Carneiro with strikes, and scoring in the final seconds.

Round 2 opens with Robertson again pursuing, and Carneiro again putting him down. The American reverses, lands some ground and pound, and the home stretch has Carneiro reversing and getting mount.

The third has Carneiro getting another takedown and Robertson reversing, but there’s so much of Robertson trying to pursue his prey… bleh. No one is happy with this performance when the final horn sounds.


Results: Roan Carneiro def. Kenny Robertson via Split Decision