Chris Wade has had a handful of fights in the Octagon, and though he’s shown some serious upside, he’s still trying to find his footing. Will his solid wrestling/jiu-jitsu game be enough to steamroll over sambo champ Islam Makhachev?

After a few probing strikes Makhachev dives in for a single-leg takedown. He gets it, but soon Wade is reversing, and fending off a tight, tight triangle choke. A few tense moments pass with the American on the brink, yet his patience pays off with him escaping and taking top position. The horn sounds with him dropping elbows.

Round 2 opens with Makhachev going for another single-leg, and this time Wade nails the guillotine. But Makhachev is a freakin’ ace in the grappling department, and he instantly escapes and gets on top. Wade reverses him, Makhachev does the same, and the sambo specialist is soon working to latch onto his back. More reversals get traded, and in the waning seconds Wade is going for a heelhook. Talk about stud-level grappling!

Makhachev gets his takedown within the first minute of the third, Wade reverses, Makhachev reverses… you get the idea. With two minutes left Makhachev takes mount, and when Wade rolls he takes his back. They stay in this position for the rest of the fight, and the horns sounds amidst boos from the crowd.


Results: Islam Makhachev def. Chris Wade via Unanimous Decision