Evan Dunham has had a long and lustrous career in the UFC, so he gets to greet former World Series of Fighting champ Rick Glenn as Glenn makes his Octagon debut.

That “greeting” is, of course, of the rough and unpleasant variety.

Round 1 sees Dunham get a takedown in under a minute, and go to town on his opponent. Glenn defends a D’Arce, but soon Dunham has his back and is choking the hell out of him. Somehow, someway Glenn survives the round.

Dunham resumes working his opponent over on the ground, and Glenn does his thing escaping. Back on the feet and the duo go into full-on striking mode, but Glenn doesn’t really have an answer for the knees Dunham feeds him.

Fatigue is a factor in Round 3, although it doesn’t prevent Dunham from trading and nailing Glenn with some knees to the grill. For the rest of the round Dunham pretty much nails Glenn with everything and Glenn refuses to go down.


Results: Evan Dunham def. Rick Glenn via Unanimous Decision