It’s time for the heavyweights, with Syrian Jaris Danho taking on Denmark’s Christian Colombo.

Danho wastes no time tying up and trying to hoist his opponent into the air. Colombo denies him with impeccable balance, clips him with a punch to the nose, and they circle each other looking to throw bolos. Colombo’s Muay Thai background serves him well here, for whenever Danho lumbers in to clinch, Colombo nails him with knees and punches. They go in full-on huffing-and-puffing mode in the latter half of the round, and the when Colombo fouls him with an illegal knee to the head while Danho has a hand on the canvas, the European loses a point.

Round 2 opens with Colombo trying to make up for lost ground with kicks, but Danho absorbs them and sends Colombo to the canvas with a knee. The Syrian gets in some ground and pound, yet when they get back to their feet he eats more knees and punches. Rinse and repeat, and these guys are 100% Bellator heavyweights now. The horn sounds as Colombo is pounding away on an exhausted Danho.

Remember when UFC 1 blessed us with the images of two big dudes just stumbling around and flailing? That’s Round 3 in a nutshell, with Colombo repeatedly kneeing his foe in the head whenever Danho ducks down, and Danho swinging wildly whenever he gets close. In the most amusing sequence, Colombo tries to snag a standing kimura (what the hell?), misses and falls, and Danho gets on top and batters him. Soon they’re back up though, and the bout ends with them struggling to lift their heavy arms and land one more blow.


Result: Jaris Danho vs. Christian Colombo declared a Majority Draw