Welcome to CagedInsider’s liveblog coverage of UFC Fight Night 93, an event broadcast exclusively on Fight Pass from Hamburg, Germany, and featuring Andrei Arlovski and Josh Barnett in the main event.

First up at bat: Rustam Khabilov and Leandro Silva. Khabilov is a stud wrestler and all-around badass, while Silva is a jiu-jitsu specialist repping American Top Team.

They touch gloves in the center of the cage and then settle in just outside of kicking range, sizing each other up like jungle cats eyeing their prey. Two painful minutes later and really it’s only Khabilov who’s thrown a couple kicks and Silva a couple punches – what the hell are they waiting for? A minute later the Dagestani tries to clinch and gets shrugged off, 30 seconds after that Khabilov changes levels and goes for a single-leg takedown that gets stuffed, and finally, in the last 40 seconds, Silva nails him with a cross, takes him down, slides into mount and gets reversed. The horn sounds after about four and a half minutes of nothing and 30 second of action. Ugh.

The tentative striking contest continues in Round 2, with Khabilov throwing single cautious strikes and the Brazilian looking to counter with single ┬ácautious strikes. This goes on for a maddening four minutes, at which point Khabilov gets a takedown and goes to work from within Silva’s guard. Silva returns fire with a few submission attempts, and then the horn ends it.

Silva throws some heat in the third in the form of some hard kicks, prompting Khabilov to secure the body-lock and try to toss him down. The fight stays vertical though, and when they disengage Silva goes back to winging those kicks. Khabilov redoubles his efforts, and after struggling for about a full 30 seconds, he eventually succeeds in scoring that elusive takedown. It takes all of ten seconds for Silva to get back up, and the final sequence has Silva shooting, Khabilov sprawling and us not really caring who gets the judges’ nod.


Result: Rustam Khabilov def. Leandro Silva via Unanimous Decision