Next up are the middleweights, with four-time Octagon vet Scott Askham taking on rookie Jack Hermansson.

Askham takes the center but is kept at bay with constant oblique-kicks that Hermansson uses to control distance. The vet fires back with his jab, and halfway through the round Hermansson changes tactics and ties him up against the fence. They dirty box for a bit, trade kicks, land uppercuts – I’m making it sound more exciting than it really is. What is really is is two dudes not willing to fight like their futures depend on it.

Thankfully, Hermansson comes out aggressive in the second, and though they’re not really do much by way of combos, at least to single strikes they’re throwing have some bad intentions behind them. Askham does great work faking takedown attempts to land punches, and in the clinch he scores with knees; Hermansson, meanwhile, repeatedly tags him short hooks. In the final 15 seconds they tumble to the canvas in a rolling mass of limbs, with the horn sounding on Askham’s attempt at a heelhook.

They go right back to the ground in the beginning of Round 3, and this time Hermansson counters his opponent’s heelhook attempts with punches from above. They scramble to their feet, and spend a decent amount of time dirty boxing. The home stretch has them grappling like sloppy Bellator heavyweights, and then it’s over.


Result: Jack Hermansson def. Scott Askham via Unanimous Decision