The women are up, with Ashlee Evans-Smith taking on newcomer Veronica Macedo. Hailing from Venezuela, Macedo is supposedly a jiu-jitsu specialist with the ability to throw a good kick. Evans-Smith is 1-1 in the Octagon, and has been struggling to find her groove.

It takes a minute of circling for Macedo to feel comfortable, and then she launches a spinning back-kick to the midsection that makes Evans-Smith grimace. A blocked high-kick has Evans-Smith seeking the tie up, but when that yields no results, Macedo is able to circle and land more spinning kicks. Again Evans-Smith clinches, and after some work she throws Macedo down. Soon she has the rookie’s back, and Macedo is struggling to escape. When Evans-Smith goes for an armbar Macedo wiggles out, and the round ends with them throwing wild elbows.

Round 2 opens with Macedo landing one high-kick before the inevitable clinch battle, and from out of nowhere Macedo rolls into a kneebar attempt. Evans-Smith punches her way out, and they’re up again, banging it out against the fence. Another rolling kneebar attempt is countered the same way, and the vet scores with a hip throw, undoubtedly taking the round.

Macedo is just too exhausted to work her magic in the third, and Evans-Smith’s Octagon experience enables her to remain calm, well-paced and more than capable of meeting every rolling kneebar attempt with ground and pound. The final sequence comes just after the round’s midway point, with Evans-Smith dropping forearm after forearm and Macedo eating it all with zero defense.


Results: Ashley Evans-Smith def. Veronica Macedo via TKO (Forearms) at 2:46, R3