The co-main event is here, and it pits top light-heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson against big puncher Jan Blachowicz.

Quite unlike nearly everyone else on the card thus far, Gustafsson and Blachowicz start off swinging hard and often, with some of Blachowicz’s hooks getting through and marking up the Swede’s face. Gustafsson is unfazed, however, and simply moves his head more to avoid damage while standing in range and banging the Polish fighter right back. Blachowicz remains aggressive, moving forward as he lands body blows, and Gustafsson counters by taking him down. From within the guard he goes to work dropping elbows, and though Blachowicz keeps swiveling his hips to get into armbar position, Gustafsson is mindful and avoids trouble.

After about ten seconds of furious trading Gustafsson easily scores the takedown, and spends nearly the rest of Round 2 chipping away at Blanchowicz with short punches and elbows from within the Pole’s guard. Blanchowicz is active, but he doesn’t seem to have an answer for the trouble the Swede is bringing, and Gustafsson clearly edges ahead.

Round 3 begins with a minute of Gustafsson risking all by letting Blachowicz knock his head back with punches. Then he comes to his senses, secures the takedown, and resumes the assault from above. A referee standup offers only a brief respite from the onslaught – it’s all about Gustafsson reminding everyone why he’s one of the best.


Result: Alexander Gustafsson def. Jan Blachowicz via Unanimous Decision