We’ve got middleweights Trevor Smith and Joseph Gigliotti on deck. Gigliotti is undefeated, while Smith is a wrestler with a mottled record but some experience in the Octagon.

Round 1 opens with Gigliotti striding across the cage and trading, and when Smith dishes out some love via punches, he clinches and they’re soon against the cage. A minute and a half later Smith throws him down, and though they’re soon back up and hugging against the cage, the points were definitely added to Smith’s scorecard. Referee Dan Miragliotta separates them to warn Smith for grabbing the fence, and then they’re slugging briefly before Gigliotti gets a takedown. The round ends with Smith pressing him against the fence.

Smith connects with a knee and drops Gigliotti in the first ten seconds of Round 2, and he soon has his opponent’s back with both hooks in. Gigliotti works to defend the choke, eventually works out and back to his feet, and gets taken down again. Smith is out-wrestling him, and an exhausted Gigliotti must defend a D’Arch choke at the horn.

The takedown comes all too easily for Smith in the opening ten seconds of the third, and though Gigliotti eventually makes it back to his feet, he’s spent. They trade a bit, Smith gets another takedown, and the horn sounds with him in mount. Easy money for Smith.


Result: Trevor Smith def. Joseph Smith via Unanimous Decision