Thales Leites built up some decent moment with a five-fight win streak that was eventually ended with losses to top dogs Michael Bisping and Gegard Mousasi. Chris Camozzi, on the hand, crapped out in his first UFC run, but found his niche upon returning, and has racked up a three-win streak. These guys are likely going to bang it out, so yeah, that’s why they’re here.

They’re clinched against the cage in the first 3o seconds, and for the next minute and a half the Brazilian is struggling to get Camozzi down and take his back. He succeeds only briefly with the former, and jumps onto the American’s back while they’re standing, so I guess he’s succeeds at the latter, but he’s literally on Camozzi like a backpack for the rest of the round and doesn’t get the sub. The sound of the horn means Camozzi gets a chance to make things right.

Leites scores a takedown 30 seconds into the second round, and he goes to work from within Camozzi’s half-guard. Eventually Camozzi scrambles, and like a predator in the jungle, Leites pounces, taking his back and riding him relentlessly. When he can’t get the choke, the Brazilian resorts to pounding on him, and Camozzi loses yet another round.

Camozzi comes out swinging in Round 3, and though he scores a bit with his punches, he walks right into a level-change and gets taken down once more. In no time Leites has his back, and here we go again. The only difference this time: Leites finally finds a way to worm his arm under Camozzi’s chin and get the tap out.


Result: Thales Leites def. Chris Camozzi via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:58, R3