Kicking off the main card of UFC Fight Night 92 are Maryna Moroz and Danielle Taylor. Ukranian Moroz is 2-1 in the Octagon thus far, with wins over Joanna Calderwood and Christina Stanciu. I don’t know where that puts her in terms of a shot against the strawweight champ, but a win over Taylor can’t hurt.

Moroz is a gigantic stringbean, and though Taylor hails from a lengthy Muay Thai background, she’s just way too short to pose any kind of threat in the face of Moroz’s jab from 20 feet away. Still, Taylor is always moving, and does her best to touch the Octagon vet with lunging punches and kicks from outside. The round ends with the crowd booing and Moroz earning easy points against someone who can’t cope with the size difference.

Round 2 is more of the same, with Taylor building up enough confidence to come in even closer and Moroz nailing her with a knee when she does. The points comes for Moroz slowly and gradually, and it becomes clear that something dramatic is going to have to happen to make this thing exciting.

Taylor starts committing to her flurries in the third, leaping in and swinging combos, but one or two counters from Moroz has her disengaging, and then we’re back to two girls flicking strikes at each other from far away. More than a few times referee Herb Dean admonishes them to engage, and in literally the final second Taylor goes low, secures a double-leg and nails a takedown, but jeez was this fight a suckfest.


Result: Maryna Moroz def. Danielle Taylor via Split Decision