The heavyweight are up again, with Viktor Pesta and Marcin Tybura mixing it up. Pesta is Czechoslovakian, Tybura is Polish, and both are allegedly strong grapplers.

(Please don’t be Bellator-level grapplers, please don’t be Bellator-level grapplers, please don’t be…)

Tybura comes out slinging front kicks and lumbering flurries, and Pesta is all about the counter-punching as he moves laterally. These guys ain’t Junior dos Santos and Alistair Overeem though, so it’s, uh, well, they’re missing a lot. When they do land, their footwork sucks, and the damage is negligible. Twice Pesta goes for takedowns, and twice he’s thwarted. The horn sounds with them hugging against the fence.

Whatever adjustments needed to be made by Tybura are made by the time Round 2 rolls around. It goes missed jab, missed hook, and when Pesta is thinking about dodging punches, Tybura lands a shin to the neck that puts him immediately to sleep.


Results: Marcin Tybura def. Viktor Pesta via KO (Kick) at :53, R2