Welcome to CagedInsider’s liveblog coverage of UFC Fight Night 92, an event coming to us out of Salt Lake City, U.T., and featuring Alex Caceres and Yair Rodriguez in the main event. First up in the Fight Pass prelims: heavyweights Justin Ledet versus Chase Sherman.

Ledet is a UFC newcomer with a fast submission game, while Sherman is an Octagon rookie wielding some heavy strikes.

Sherman takes the center of the cage and starts chopping away with leg-kicks, to which Ledet responds with jabs and crosses that turn the face of “The Vanilla Gorilla” red. Only when Sherman starts mixing in boxing with his kicks does he truly start to inflict damage, and after about a minute and a half they’re really tagging each other. Someone might be getting knocked out here, folks. By the sound of the horn, Sherman has eaten about four hard right hands square on the jaw, but he doesn’t go down – the boy’s got some whiskers on him.

Round 2 opens with Sherman breathing heavy – probably from a combination of the altitude and the fact that he ate a billion punches – but he still digs into Ledet’s body and thighs with kicks. Ledet, meanwhile, absorbs those kicks and keeps smashing his foe in the face, and though he’s constantly moving backwards and off to the side, he’s got Sherman bloodied and fading. In the final 30 seconds Ledet pours it on, and Sherman takes it… and mocks him for not knocking him out.

Thus far, we’ve learned that Sherman cannot defend against punches at all, and also that he doesn’t care about getting punched. So of course the third round is all about him walking forward, mocking Ledet, and eating so much leather that he’s going to need a new drivers license photo taken because Ledet has rearranged his face. The final horn sounds with Sherman talking smack and Ledet flipping him the bird.


Results: Justin Ledet def. Chase Sherman via Unanimous Decision