The co-main event is upon us, and with it comes hard-hitting wrestler Dennis Bermudez against TUF Brasil winner Rony Jason. Jason is coming off a suspension for a banned substance (a diuretic), while Bermudez is trying to get back-to-back wins after defeating Tatsuya Kawajiri a few months ago.

The duo trades kicks and punches in the first two minutes of Round 1, and when Bermudez lands a hard kick to the thigh, he flows seamlessly into a takedown that puts the Brazilian down against the cage. Jason is dangerous off his back though, so the American is repeatedly fending off triangle- and armbar attempts while dropping fists and elbows. One such elbow opens up a cut on Jason’s forehead, and suddenly there’s blood everywhere. The bombs keep falling, and when the horn sounds Bermudez is clearly ahead.

Bermudez eats a right hand early in the second round, but he transitions into another takedown and now he’s working to get on the prone Jason’s back, peppering him punches along the way. Jason works back up, and he tries to make up some points with kicks to the body – a ploy that only gets him taken down. The Brazilian escapes to his feet, gets taken down again, gets up, and in the final ten seconds goes for another ride.

Jason comes out for Round 3 knowing he’s losing the fight, so he swings hard and leaps into a jumping knee attempt. Bermudez absorbs it all, and fires back with hard leg-kicks, but when he stalls in the midst of a weak takedown attempt, Jason hits the switch and takes his back. The TUF runner-up barely avoids a rear naked choke, spins around and reverses, and spends the rest of the round on top making his opponent miserable.


Result: Dennis Bermudez def. Rony Jason via Unanimous Decision