Court McGee won a season of TUF, and as per usual TUF winners, he’s won some and lost some since then. But here he is, headlining the UFC Fight Night 92 prelims opposite Dominique Steele (who, with a name like that, should be working in adult films).

It takes all of four seconds for McGee to stun Steele with a punch, and with Steele wobbly, McGee body-locks him, throws him down, and takes his back. For the next minute and a half the TUF winner neck cranks the heck out of him, but Steele powers out and they get back to their feet. They dance a bit, and then Steele pays him back with a couple flurries that force McGee to backpedal. The round ends with them pressed up against the cage.

McGee is constant moving in the opening of Round 2, but Steele’s counter-punching and power make life rough for him, and soon he’s trying to push Steele through the fence. They push off and trade a bit, and McGee scores a brief takedown but is unable to keep his opponent from bench-pressing him off. The finish out the frame pressed against the cage again.

Steele comes out swinging in the third, and he scores here and there, testing McGee’s mettle while the latter tries to stay conscious while getting the clinch and takedown. When he does get the takedown, it’s only on the ground for a moment, and the majority of the round is all about them being tied up against the fence.


Result: Court McGee def. Dominique Steele via Unanimous Decision