Next up are the bantamweights, with TUF Brasil 4 winner Reginaldo Vieira taking on Mexican scrapper Marco Beltran.

It’s hard to gauge the value of being a TUF Brasil winner nowadays, but apparently Vieira at least has some strong jiu-jitsu skills – which he displays with a few¬†takedowns that force Beltran on the defensive. Beltran does get back upright, though, and with the Brazilian huffing and puffing from the grappling exertion, the Mexican nails him with a tricky leaping hook and a knee. The horn sounds as Vieira is hoisting him up in the air for another takedown.

Vieira’s comes out for Round 2 nursing a cut near his eye, so he’s winging bolos with the urgency of a man on a mission. He lands one that knocks Beltran’s head back, and transitions into a takedown… but when he stands in Beltran’s guard, he eats a hard upkick that sends him tumbling backward. Vieira is dazed as he tries to go for an ankle lock, but Beltran scrambles, takes his back, and chokes him out. Booyah.


Result: Marco Beltran def. Reginaldo Vieira via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:04, R2