The lightweights are up next, with grappling specialist Gilbert Burns taking on Polish fighter Lukasz Sajewski.

Sajewski’s claim to fame is a win over Bellator star Marcin Held, which means he definitely knows how to defend against leglocks. But what about a top-notch jiu-jitsu game?

In the opening couple minutes, Sajewski does a fantastic job keep Burns at a distance, stuffing his clinch attempts and blasting him repeatedly with kicks to the body and a stream of clubbing fists to the head. Burns slows him down with a kick to the groin, and after a pause the Brazilian rocks him with a left hand. However, the even on autopilot the Pole has great counters and sub defense, so Burns cranks up the striking onslaught until Sajewski is really dazed. At that point, Burns takes his back and then transitions into an armbar, and Sajewski cries out and taps at the bell.


Result: Gilbert Burns def. Lukasz Sajewski via Submission (Armbar) at 4:57, R1