It’s co-main event time, and on deck are the heavyweights, with a declining Roy Nelson taking on Derrick Lewis, who’s been kicking ass and is most definitely on the rise.

Lewis wastes no time kicking Nelson in the belly, which prompts “Big Country” to tie him up against the fence. They stalemate there for a while, and when referee John McCarthy separates them, Lewis lands some monstrous kicks and punches. Nelson covers up, then ties up and gets a takedown. The “Black Beast” simply scampers back up and resumes clobbering him, and Nelson eats some uppercuts and knees and looks to be in trouble. He clinches, and gets a takedown in the final seconds of the frame, but Lewis is beating the hell out of him.

Nelson actually has a welt on his gut from Lewis at the start of Round 2. However, Lewis is clearly tired, and his lessened output has Nelson walking him down and imposing his will with fence-humping. With two minutes left in the round Nelson gets a takedown into side-control, and when Nelson gets up, Big Country again throws him down. The horns sounds with Lewis stepping in to throw a bolo.

Though exhausted, Lewis open the third round with a flying knee attempt. Nelson counters with more painfully boring clinching against the cage, and the takedown comes about a minute later. Just as before, Lewis gets up when he wants to, and Nelson’s clinchwork and takedown comes when he wants it to. A referee separation gives Lewis the chance to lands fistsĀ and knees, and one of the final punches definitely knocks Nelson’s head back. Is it enough for Lewis to take the round?


Result: Derrick Lewis def. Roy Nelson via Split Decision