More bantamweights. And another Brazilian, in the form of TUF Brasil vet Dileno Lopes, who allegedly has a killer guillotine. His opponent is American Anthony Birchak.

Like in the fights earlier on the card, Birchak opens with a hard kick to the body, but Lopes ain’t playin’, as he ties Birchak up and tries to jiu-jitsu the hell out of him. Lopes screws up briefly when he tries to pull his foe down – that results in him eating a bunch of punches from above – but in no time he’s on the American like a backpack while Birchak stands against the fence. Eventually they disengage and knock each other silly with kicks and punches, and the round ends with Lopes trying to grapple.

Lopes plays the role of “mad dog trying to get a bone” in Round 2, as he relentlessly hunts for a takedown and then, when he gets it, Birchak’s back. Against he’s a backpack as the American stands, but after a he throws Lopes down, the two stand and brawl like they’re sailors in a dockside tavern.

They fight without a care in the world in Round 3, alternating between punishing clinchwork against the cage and a brain-rattling face-punching party that has both men stumbling around dazed. Eventually, Lopes forgoes trying to employ his jiu-jitsu and the duo slugs with reckless abandon. When the bout ends, it’s hard to pin down who the judges are going to go with, but there’s no doubt these two fought with everything they had.


Result: Anthony Birchak def. Dileno Lopes via Split Decision