When last we left Steve Bosse, the hockey enforcer was knocking his opponent out so brutally that the dude retired. Now we get to see him against Sean O’Connell tonight – think there will be a decision at the end?

It takes all of 30 seconds for these two to start trading in the center of the Octagon, and it because immediately clear that not only can they deliver punishment, they can absorb it too.

For Bosse, that moment comes when he starts eating left hooks like crazy. He goes stiff and drops, but when he goes down O’Connell follows him and wakes him up with more punches. Bosse recovers and dishes it all right back, and O’Connell eats enough lefts to get wobbly. He regains his senses as well, and the round ends with them trying to knock each other silly.

Round 2 begins with Bosse teeing off so violently on O’Connell is forced to seek refuge in the clinch. Bosse’s left gets through though, and when his opponent throws a kick Bosse catches it, throws him down, and beats on him. O’Connell manages to get back up with 20 seconds left, and the horn sounds with the two battered and exhausted light-heavyweight leaning on each other.

Bosse is the fresher man in the third, which translates into a lot of movement and bounce in his step. O’Connel, meanwhile, is bloody but perfectly capable throwing bombs – which he does whenever Bosse seems to start landing more, stopping the former hockey player in his tracks. Somehow they’re still standing and swinging and rocking each other when the final horn sounds, and the crowds is on their feet cheering in appreciation.


Result: Steve Bosse def. Sean O’Connell via Unanimous Decision