Are you ready for the main event? I hope so, and no doubt Stephen Thompson and Rory MacDonald – two of the best welterweights in the world – are hoping so.

Usually, MacDonald is the man in the cage who stymies opponents with pressure and unorthodox angles of attack. But this is “Wonderboy” in the cage with him, and that pressure and those angles mean nothing in the face of a Thompson sidekick that can land from way outside and an erring sense of distance and timing.

Rounds 1 and 2 set the tone for the fight – MacDonald dangerous and calculating, but on the receiving end of so many different kinds of kicks. Unable to counter when the strikes come from so far away, MacDonald is forced to absorb punishment just to get in range. That, in turn, breeds just enough inactivity to make the crowd boo, but regardless of their displeasure, Thompson is still scoring more.

More than a few times the Canadian tries to roll into a leglock, and even catches Thompson’s leg briefly in the third, but the karate man escapes.

Round 4 sees MacDonald score with a flurry, and in the fifth he tries for a takedown and winds up on bottom, but Wonderboy is just too much, and in that last round shatters MacDonald’s nose and gives him a decent-sized mice over an eye. When time runs out, it’s not hard to guess who’s getting the decision.


Result: Stephen Thompson def. Rory MacDonald via Unanimous Decision