The “main event” of the Fight Pass prelims are upon us, with TUF Nations winner Elias Theodorou scrapping with “Smilin'” Sam Alvey.

Theodorou is a constant ball of motion, hopping around while throwing light kicks and probing punches. Meanwhile, Alvey is the exact opposite, moving only when he has to and throwing absolutely nothing (which his modus operandi – he usually throws one strike a bout, and it results in a knockout). Eventually Alvey gets sick of Theodorou doing nothing but hit the air, so he wades in closer, blocking the kicks just so he can get within range. The first round ends with Alvey full-on frustrated and charging in recklessly.

Alvey rushes in and the clinch early in the second – a message to Theodorou that he isn’t going to let him win a point-karate match. Theodorou shrugs him off, and not long after Alvey leaps into an uppercut that scores. The duo jockey for wrestling superiority for a bit, but the story of the round is all the kicks that Alvey blocks – you have to wonder if Alvey’s forearms are going to break at some point.

The crowd begins booing their endless dance in the third, and Alvey is so frustrated that he lowers his hands and shrugs his shoulders will in pursuit. More than once that results in Theodorou ducking under and nearly taking his back, but Alvey’s wrestling (he’s been a Team Quest guy forever) is too good, so the clock runs out with the Canadian crows so, so unhappy.


Result: Elias Theodorou def. Sam Alvey via Unanimous Decision