The co-main event is upon us, and it features lightweight Donald Cerrone moving up to welterweight to face Patrick Cote (who’s fought at light-heavyweight). Good grief, Cerrone just doesn’t care, does he?

Cote comes out and clocks Cerrone with an overhand, and Cerrone counters with a well-timed double-leg takedown. The Canadian does an impeccable job of tying him up in his guard, so they’re stalemated for a good bit of time until Cote scrambles back up. However, when he steps in to throw leather, Cerrone against effortlessly takes him down, and not long after landing in side-control, Cerrone has passed into back-control and begins working on a choke. Cote escapes with ten seconds left.

Round 2 sees Cerrone perfectly happy to engage on the feet, which he does in the form of leg-kicks that have Cote nearly buckling. The addition of boxing has Cerrone dropping him with a left hook, and when he recovers, Cote is going for desperate takedown attempts. He survives – obviously, he’s still every bit as tough as he’s ever been.

Perhaps acknowledging that his only hope is to land something wild, Cote rushes forward firing punches in the third. CerroneĀ drops him again with that same left, lets him back up again, and bangs him up a bit more before dropping him one last time with that punch. This time Cote is done, and the referee is forced to step in.


Result: Donald Cerrone def. Patrick Cote via TKO (Punches) at 2:35, R3