Kicking off the UFC Fight Night 89 main card is the organization’s first ever female 125-pound bout, which pits Joanne Calderwood against Valerie Letourneau. Yes, there will be strikes.

They spend about four seconds at distance trading kicks, then clinch up to work knees and elbows. Calderwood scores with a trip against the cage, and Letourneau immediately threatens with an armbar from the bottom. They scramble back to their feet, and the next couple minutes see probing kicks and punches exchanged. Then Calderwood landings a crushing spinning backfist and Letourneau drops like a sack of potatoes. The Scottish fighter follows her down and rains down hell, but the Canadian miraculously recovers, and time runs out with them on their feet again.

Letourneau wastes no time knocking Calderwood’s head back with a kick and some punches in the second round, and after eating a bunch of them, Calderwood pays her back in kind. Midway through the round Calderwood switches things up with a takedown, and Letourneau counters with a kimura attempt before getting vertical again. One more takedown by Calderwood probably gives her the round, although she’s definitely bloody and on the receiving end of some punishment.

They resume battering each other Muay Thai-style in the third. But Calderwood’s front kicks are deadly accurate, and when she nails Letourneau in the liver, the end is nigh. Letourneau recovers briefly, almost quits when another front kick nearly makes her boobs fall out of her top (I’m not kidding), and when the referee restarts them, Calderwood lands another kick to the liver that makes Letourneau turn and walk away. Calderwood pursues and drops her with punches, and the referee jumps in.


Result: Joanne Calderwood def. Valerie Letournea via TKO (Strikes) at 2:51, R3