We’re up to the main event of the FOX Sports 2 prelims, and it features local boy Jason Saggo against Brazilian Muay Thai specialist Leandro Silva.

Caution is in abundance in the opening minute and a half of the fight, with both men trading kicks but not eager to commit too much. But then Saggo catches and kick and throws the Brazilian to the ground, and he goes to work from top position. Meeting every attempt at a sweep with a wide base, Saggo scores with some ground and pound. When the scramble back to their feet Silva tries to regain lost points with his boxing, but it’s doubtful it’s enough to sway the judges.

Silva is way more powerful with his striking, which translates into him really chipping away at Saggo in the second round – a round that is mostly spent kickboxing. Curiously, the Brazilian mixes in takedown attempts as well, but when he lands with his shins and fists, he’s either knocking Saggo’s head back or kicking him with so much force in the thigh that Saggo falls.

Whatever adjustments he needed to make before the third, Saggo sure as hell makes them, as he comes out and begins out-striking the striker. With kicks and punches finding their mark, it seems as if he’s well on his way to take the round (and the fight). But Silva complicates things when he catches and kick and takes his foe down, with the ensuing ground and pound making the judges’ jobs damn hard.


Result: Jason Saggo def. Leandro Silva via Split Decision