Next up on the Fight Pass prelims are the welterweights, with American Colby Covington taking on local Canadian kickboxer Jonathan Meunier.

Covington wastes no time leaping into a flashy tornado kick and diving into a takedown attempt, but despite hoisting Meunier up and tossing him down, he has a tough time gaining control, with Meunier blocking his leg every time the American tries to get a hook in. Finally, after three minutes, the takedown does come, and Covington goes to work trying to deliver some ground and pound. Meunier does a great job of stifling it though, and with 30 seconds left in the round, referee Yves Lavigne stands them up. The round ends with neither man really hurting the other.

The takedown attempt by Covington comes within the first 20 seconds of Round 2, and this time around he gets it quickly, once again settling into Meunier’s guard to try to deliver punishment. Meunier scrambles like crazy and starts rolling into and threatening with heelhooks, which forces Covington to counter with fists as he disentangles himself. When the horn sounds Covington is way ahead on the scorecards from all the punishment he’s delivered.

Meunier is worse for wear in the third, as evidenced by Covington clipping him a spinning backfist and soon after tapping him out with a rear naked choke. I guess all it took was for Covington to wear him down.


Result: Colby Covington def. Jonathan Meunier via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at :54, R3