The tragedy with Sara McMann isn’t that she’s boring as hell and her only exciting fights are the ones she losses spectacularly. No, the tragedy is that as a high-level Olympic wrestler, she SHOULD be so much better. But she’s not.

At UFC Fight Night 88, McMann took on the always-scrappy Jessica Eye. It went about as expected. In other words, it was boring.

For all three rounds, McMann did her thing, avoiding Eye’s striking skills with a wild overhand right that lead into a bullrush of a takedown attempt. Eye was able to avoid going to the ground at first, but given McMann’s resume, going horizontal was inevitable, so in Rounds 2 and 3 it was all about Eye not having enough wrestling or jiu-jitsu to effectively wage war in that realm.

To Eye’s credit, she avoided trouble whenever her opponent circled around to her back, in the third round she gutted out of a North/South choke that others would’ve tapped to.

But the fight lacked in excitement, and though McMann took the clear-cut decision when all was said and done, her gentle plea for a title shot afterwards was simply wasted breath. Who wants to see McMann fight for a belt?