Thanks to Cody Garbrandt, Team Alpha Male is back in the mix as a fight camp producing badasses.

In the main event of UFC Fight Night 88, Garbrandt took on fellow bantamweight slugger Thomas Almeida – a Brazilian who’s been smashing dudes nonstop as of late. The expectation was for violence, lots and lots of quick and sudden violence ending with an abrupt finality.

Garbrandt made that expectation a reality.

Coming out sharp and accurate in the opening seconds of the first round, the American began peppering Almeida with kicks and punches. Almeida covered up and tried to weather the storm, but the onslaught was relentless, and soon he was staggered by a set of knuckles to the dome. Garbrandt saw that and poured it on, and by 2:53 of the frame, Almeida was on the canvas and stunned, and then it was over.

Almeida is young and will be back. Meanwhile, the bantamweight division has a star with a decent punch -that’s always a good thing to have.