Rustam Khabilov likes to use his wrestling to throw people on their heads. Chris Wade likes to use his wrestling to gain superior position on the ground. Who’s got the better wrestling?

The fight begins with both men trading kicks in an effort to limit the other’s mobility. When they clinch, Wade is cognizant of Khabilov’s strength, and does well at first in avoiding getting thrown. But Khabilov eventually gets him down, and the ensuing scrambling has the Dagestani sprawling Wade out and hammerfisting him pretty much relentlessly.

Round 2 opens with Wade landing a spectacular jumping front kick that sends Khabilov stunned to the canvas. But when he pounces Khabilov recovers, and Wade is soon defending himself from a rear naked choke and, when he reverses and is in Khabilov’s guard, from triangle chokes and armbars. The horn sounds with Khabilov on top working Wade over.

The momentum belongs to the Dagestani going into the third, and that translates into confidence on the feet and unerring wrestling. He soon gets Wade down and takes his back, and after a period of Wade defending the choke, Khabilov is again hammerfisting and manhandling him. Time runs out with Wade spent and turtled and Khabilov pounding away.


Result: Rustam Khabilov def. Chris Wade via Unanimous Decision