Ukrainian mauler Nikita Krylov and Brazilian Francimar Barroso are up next, and the expectation in this one is a brutal and sudden ending.

They come out slugging in the first, with Barroso eager to test Krylov’s mettle (and chin). But he doesn’t like what Krylov shows him – i.e., a lot of leather to the face – so he switches into takedown mode. It gets him nowhere, so he ups the ratio of strikes to grappling, and makes the Ukrainian work for it. Krylov does, and eats a bunch of uppercuts, but he’s like a bull and he keeps charging and charging, wearing the Brazilian down to a nub.

Krylov resumes his quest to overwhelm Barroso in the second, this time adding in a ground assault that his him pounding away from within the Barroso’s guard. At one point, the Ukrainian is in such a frenzy that he delivers a headbutt to Barroso’s chest – which he merely gets a warning for. Barroso scrambles to escape, but when he gives up his back Krylov takes it, and the ensuing rear naked choke has the Brazilian tapping out.


Result: Nikita Krylov def. Francimar Barroso via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:11, R2