You could not get a more metal-sounding match-up then with Magnus Cedenblad versus Garreth McLellan, but strangely, there are no out-of-control guitar riffs and Satanic lyrics while they fight at UFC Fight Night 87.

Fighting like someone who’s only ever done kickbox-aerobics classes and never actually sparred a living human being, McLellan dances around throwing kicks and punches way out of range and with his hands down. Cedenblad stalks him, repeatedly cracking him with counters and stumbling him – clearly he’s had live sparring partners!

Cedenblad is sick of pursuing him in Round 2, as evidenced by him halting McLellan’s movement with a high-kick, and unloading with a storm of uppercuts. The ref jumps in when it’s obvious McLellan is just going to let himself die.


Result: Magnus Cedenblad def. Garreth McLellan via TKO (Punches) at :47, R2