The welterweights are up next with American Dominic Waters taking on Brit Leon Edwards. Don’t worry if you don’t recognize their names – they’re two fighters on a Fight Pass bout on a Sunday morning, so you’re not supposed to know who they are.

Edwards comes out and takes the center of the cage, threatening with strikes. Waters takes him down, but Edwards gets up and takes him down with a sweet outside┬áreap, and goes to work trying to ground and pound from within his foe’s guard. That doesn’t sit well with the American, who threatens with an armbar and then a triangle choke. The Brit is the superior grappler though, and after some maneuvering, is sliding into mount with two minutes left in the round. Edwards doesn’t do much with the position, going for a shoulder lock and dropping all of two elbows, but the statement has been made: Waters isn’t safe anywhere.

He gets taken down within 30 seconds of the second round, and Edwards eases into his half-guard, slowly trying to pass. After a about a minute the referee stands them up, and after a lot of time spent jockeying for grip and position, Waters finally sees things go his way with a beautiful suplex in the waning seconds of the round.

Waters eats a high-kick in the opening of the third, but he shrugs it off, feeds his opponent a right, and takes Edwards down. He winds up on top, but struggles trying to pass Edwards’ guard, and soon they’re back upright. The Brit commences to bring the pain – in the form of front snap kicks to the face and body, punches, and knees whenever the American changes levels – and time runs out with Waters exhausted and diving for fruitless takedowns while Edwards hammerfists him.


Result: Leon Edwards def. Dominic Waters via Unanimous Decision