Lightweight Jon Tuck is up next, and he’s set to welcome Team Alpha Male rep Josh Emmett to the Octagon.

Although he took this fight on a mere week’s notice, Emmett immediately establishes himself as no pushover – no doubt bolstered by the fact that he possesses an undefeated pro record and was training for a five-round regional championship bout when he got the call to step in. To combat Tuck’s height and reach advantage, Emmett is in constant lateral motion, slipping in to deliver kicks and punches before slipping out of range. Round 1 is primarily a kickboxing bout, with neither man gaining much of a lead.

Round 2 is just about a carbon copy of the first, but things change dramatically in the third when Tuck throws a spinning wheel-kick that Emmett parries but breaks his finger in doing so. Emmett spends the entire round throwing punches with his uninjured paw and literally running from a pursuing Tuck.

When time expires and the split decision is awarded to Emmett, he shows the injury to the camera – and it’s a bloody compound fracture that has his bone sticking out of his finger. NASTY.


Result: Josh Emmett def. Jon Tuck via Split Decision