Welcome to CagedInsider’s liveblog coverage of UFC Fight Night 85 – the only place where the forces of good and the forces of evil can come together and enjoy talking about how much Frank Mir sucks.

Just kidding, he doesn’t suck. He’s just old, and the old man is headlining this Australian event opposite Mark Hunt.

First up is a Fight Pass prelim bout between TUF winner Ross Pearson and Chad Laprise.

The bout opens with Pearson and Laprise striding purposely toward each other and standing just about an inch out of range of each other’s punches, and while remaining in constant motion, they probe with single kicks and punches.  It’s a tight contest, especially given their respective skill levels on the feet, and though Laprise scores with a kick to the body and Pearson pecks away with his jab, it’s hard to gauge if anyone has edged ahead.

Laprise’s punches and kicks start to find more openings in Round 2, and despite Pearson’s constant pressure, the TUF winner is getting marked up. Still, he’s landing too, making this bout a real pain in the ass to score.

Pearson never lets up on his forward pressure in the third round – even though it means he’s constantly walking into his opponent’s knuckles. A few times Pearson does step in with some hard leg-kicks, and the waning seconds of the bout see both men jumping in the air and throwing every striking technique in the book. But it goes to the judges, and this fight was painfully close.


Result: Ross Pearson def. Chad Laprise via Split Decision