It’s co-main event time, and in the cage we have former Bellator champ and intermittent steroid user Hector Lombard against contender Neil Magny.

It takes all of 30 seconds for the Lombard storm to rain down upon Magny, with the Cuban’s fists sending Magny to the canvas and his pressure keeping him there. The ground and pound is nearly enough to warrant a stoppage – Lord knows Magny is hurt – but the fight goes on and Lombard slows enough for the man on the bottom to regain some semblance of his senses. With a minute and 40 seconds left Magny gets back to his feet, and when he does he’s all offense, launching into a jumping knee, and pawing with his lengthy jab and cross. The round ends with them standing and exchanging.

Magny resumes jabbing the hell out of Lombard in Round 2, and he’s scoring almost at will with it for the the first two minutes until Lombard drops him with a punch. Lombard follows him down to finish the job, but Magny puts him in a triangle that’s tough to get out of. Eventually Lombard does, though, so Magny takes his back, flattens him out, and delivers nonstop punches that Lombard has no reply for. Miraculously, referee Steve Perseval doesn’t stop it, and the round ends with Magny in disbelief that it went on for that long.

The final round is more of the same, with Magny scooping Lombard up and dumping him to the mat, mounting him, and pounding away. This time the ref has seen enough, and there’s a merciful stoppage.


Result: Neil Magny def. Hector Lombard via TKO (Punches) at :46, R3