Leslie Smith and Rin Nakai are the first females up to bat on the UFC Fight Night 85 FOX Sports 1 prelim card, and in case you don’t know, Nakai is more than just an MMA fighter. Just Google some pics of her and you’ll understand.


Anyway, Nakai is short and stocky and Smith is tall and lanky with about a three-foot reach advantage, so it’s obvious who wants to do what. Or at least you know what Smith wants to do, because though Nakai would be best served calling on her judo background, she inexplicably wants to box, which enables the American to blast her with punches. After about three minutes in Nakai finally does try to grapple, and she proves to be pretty tenacious. Smith stays upright, though, and the round ends with Nakai working a takedown.

She picks up where she left off in the second round, taking Smith down and controlling her from top position. Smith tries to kick out using the cage, and she threatens with a reverse triangle, but soon Nakai has the head/arm choke on. All seems lost… until Smith guts out of it, scrambles to her feet, and goes all button-mashing with her strikes against her opponent. Nakai eats a bunch of fists and some shins, yet bites down on her mouthpiece, ducks her head, clinches, and throws Smith to the canvas. The horn sounds with her on top once more.

Round 3 sees Nakai alternate between standing in front of Smith eating punches and rushing Smith hunting for the tie-up. Smith does a great job staying on her feet, and Nakai’s first taste of judo success doesn’t come until about four minutes have elapsed. She does her best to get something going on the ground in that final minute, but Smith stays neutral and doesn’t make any mistakes, and it goes to the judges.


Result: Leslie Smith def. Rin Nakai via Unanimous Decision